Environmental education

The Sa Dragonera Natural Park is open to the world as a leisure, learning and retraining space; “an introspective experience on the intangibility of the value of nature for human life”. Environmental education is therefore the vehicle with which to lead the argument of the inherent dichotomy between the natural and cultural landscape of the island.

This is why the park works on two fundamental pillars: conservation and dissemination, creating synergies and a participatory consensus between administrations, specialised organisations, the education sector and citizens themselves. Throughout the year, visits are scheduled with educational centres, volunteers, informative conferences for all audiences and research projects with universities and other international organisations.

There is a guided tour on environmental education aimed at schools and adapted to each age group. Through hands-on and collaborative learning surrounded by lizards, they will learn about the historical relationships between the settlement and nature, and the need to conserve natural resources.

Volunteering, since the opening of the Natural Park, has been a key element in “building a collective identity associated with the values of nature and promoting citizen participation”.

Civic science arose in a diverse, plural and democratic society as a channel for the participation of citizens in scientific research; a partnership between the research community and the population itself in processes involving the study and collection of data. In this regard, communication technologies (such as websites, mobile applications and social networks) have helped to expand and diversify academic information, the goal of which is to reach out to and persuade all individuals and groups “to do science”.

Sea Watchers

A collaborative science platform which, through the recording of marine species observations, anyone can help to enrich the source of information about the conservation status of ecosystems from the Balearic Sea.


A project by the University of the Balearic Islands that is consolidated as a web and app of biodiversity, where the same citizen can access to the divulging material, as well as interact recording observations of flora and fauna.

Sa Dragonera Marine Reserve

A foundation that advocates innovation in environmental education on Mediterranean Protected Areas. Among their projects, they lead awareness and collective custody activities on the marine ecology surrounding Sa Dragonera.

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