In 1977, almost 50 people from the “Terra i Llibertat” and “Talaiot Corcat” collectives occupied the island for days to protest against the urbanisation project that attempted to destroy its landscape. It was a historical milestone on a social and political level: “the birth of environmentalism in the Balearic Islands”.

Rescued from the strong urban pressure to which the Balearic archipelago was subjected throughout the 70s and 80s, sa Dragonera was acquired by the Mallorca Island Council and declared a Natural Park in 1995, forging a symbol of conservationism.

Thus, the Sa Dragonera Natural Park currently has a protected area of 274 land hectares, attached to which are the islets of Pantaleu and sa Mitjana. Other community protection figures such as the Natura 2000 Network are also integrated due to the prominent biodiversity of birds and other species of flora and fauna. Recently, the protection of its submerged façade, both the interior and exterior waters surrounding the island, has been reinforced, declaring it a Marine Reserve; in this way, the bond is made perpetual: “a historical and natural dichotomy between the sea and the island”.


Documental: «Correnties de sa Dragonera»

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