Cueva des Moro

The sa Font cave, better known as the cueva des Moro, is the first etymological remnant of sa Dragonera. As well as other Mediterranean islands used to supply freshwater on the navigation routes from Italy through the Strait of Bonifacio and towards the Peninsula, “traconaria” or “karstic cavity with water at the bottom” (in Latin), is the origin of the island’s name.

Already documented in the expedition of Archduke Luís Salvador in his work Die Balearen, amphorae, “llumetes” and more containers of Saracen origin and other sailors from all periods have been found. In fact, in the chronicles of the conquest of Mallorca in the 13th century, the existence of a fresh water well in sa Dragonera is already mentioned. Both these utensils and the two Roman cargo ships sunk in the channel between Dragonera and Mallorca demonstrate the frequent and dangerous traffic in this area, as well as the use of the island as a refuge from storms, to supply water and, anecdotally, to stash goods.